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How To Start A Fundraiser

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Create a fundraiser on Instagram or Facebook and make an impact today. Fundraise for your birthday or to honor someone special to help continue the lifesaving mission: transforming the lives and mental health of children and adults, particularly the venerable and underserve people,  through self-defense and martial arts


Martial arts is more than a set of techniques; it is a mindset that begins with a belief that we are worth training and defending. This mindset is rooted in self love, respect and caring for ourselves and others. The love we have for ourselves pushes us to fight to reach our training and safety goals, but it also reminds us to treat ourselves and our training partners with compassion and care. 


Tuff Love Fitness offers training that encourages us to stand up for ourselves, not just physically but mentally and emotionally, to work our hardest, to challenge ourselves, and to respect and care for ourselves and others. We recognize that our will to train is a manifestation of our love for ourselves and those around us.  

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