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Change doesn't happen alone.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donors to help us continue to provide community programs to your underserved communities, particularly low income and marginalized youth, women, people of color, LGBTQ+ folks and assault survivors. Please support our cause! 


Our 2022 fundraiser theme is “Worth Defending.” All of our teaching and training begins with this simple concept: that each of us is worth the effort it takes to protect ourselves and our community. Through setting firm boundaries, asserting our needs, and prioritizing recovery, we become mentally and physically stronger and better able to fight for what matters to us. When we believe we are worth defending, our minds, bodies, and voices become powerful tools of protection. What in your life is #worthdefending? What would you stand up for, without question, no matter what?


How To Take Action:


1) Support. Your support is 100% tax-deductible. Ongoing monthly donations are the most helpful for allowing us to continue our mission. Any amount is appreciated! To donate, please click the link at our bio or go to: (fundrazr link here).


2) Worth Defending. Post a photo or video on your Instagram or Facebook and tag us @tuffloveselfdefense, @fourelementsfitness and @sweatybettiesbjj with the hashtag #worthdefending and #tufflove.


3) Write a message about what our organization means to you, post on your social media and tag us.


4) Follow @tuffloveselfdefense, @fourelementsfitness and @sweatybettiesbjj on Instagram and Facebook.

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