About Us

Empowerment Through Martial Arts


Tuff Love Fitness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing accessible and affordable self-defense, martial arts, and fitness training for people in Oakland and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area. We were founded by a team of four female martial artists with the goal of promoting martial arts for populations that may be underserved by many traditional martial arts programs: women, the LGBTQ+ and POC communities and assault survivors.  Our nonprofit sponsors Tuff Love Self-Defense, Four Elements Fitness and Sweaty Betties Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 


Our mission is to teach martial arts, self-defense and fitness in a manner that promotes personal wellness, community responsibility and social justice, providing restorative programming and resources for systematically excluded communities. 



We envision a San Francisco Bay Area in which everyone can access high-quality martial arts and fitness training, regardless of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity and income-level.


  • Provide martial arts, self-defense and fitness training to the public for reasonable rates

  • Provide martial arts, self-defense and fitness training at free or discounted rates for vulnerable populations

  • Organize and host events and tournaments in alignment with our mission

  • Provide support (financial and otherwise) for valuable community causes.

  • Host exhibitions of art or other displays that accord with our mission

  • Provide an affordable space for groups whose missions align with ours

Board of Directors and Executive Director

  • Executive Director: Mollii Khangsengsing

  • Board President: Karin Spirn

  • Board Secretary: Jennifer Liu

  • Board Treasurer: Sabrina Paynter