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Self-Defense Classes

Fierce and Fit: An Online Women

& Girls Self-Defense Training

We’re Bringing the Training to You! 

Next Class: Saturday, March 26, 2022, 12pm-1pm PST


The Girls and Women’s Self-Defense Program is reinventing itself during this pandemic. To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, we have suspended our in-person workshops and shifted online until further notice. 

The training is designed for all levels of experience, and the techniques can be learned and practiced solo or with a training partner! 


The one-hour class is a full-body workout that will have you moving, while at the same time learning the core self-defense movements of our Girls and Women's Self-Defense program. The classes integrates awareness strategies tips and principles and simple yet effective physical self-defense techniques.


Classes are offered once per month on Zoom. The class is donation based and taught by seasoned martial artists. 


Fierce and Fit class includes the following areas of focus:

  • Stretching/Warm-up: Get loose and get ready

  • Awareness Strategies and Tips: valuable safety tips and strategies to help you avoid the fight before it starts.

  • Physical Self-defense: a series of simple highly effective physical self-defense techniques for the most common attack situations women encounter, ranging from being pushed or pulled, cornered, grabbed by the wrist and hair, pinned to the ground by a bigger and stronger attacker.

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