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Safety & Self-Defense for AAPI Elders

FREE In-Person AAPI Elders

Personal & Safety Self-Defense

Workshop Series

All Gender Welcome

Next Workshop: Sunday, March 20, 2022, 11-12pm PT

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Tuff Love is proud to partner up with Compassion in Oakland to bring AAPI Elders Personal Safety & Self-Defense workshop series to our communities, free of charge. 


It has been painful to learn about our cherished AAPI elders becoming targets of assaults. Reports of hate incidents against the AAPI communities have skyrocketed in the past couple of years, many targeting our senior citizens.


Everyone deserves to feel secure. That's why self-defense for seniors is an important topic to us. As people age, their bodies tend to get slower and weaker, which can make them vulnerable to criminals. Fortunately, there are a variety of effective non-contact and contact tactics that older adults can learn in order to protect themselves. 


This workshop is for all seniors navigating a world that often does not prioritize their safety and comfort. Any ability level are welcome to participate. Mandarin and Cantonese language translators will be provided; contact us for any other translation needs.


Upcoming Workshop FREE AAPI Elders Personal Safety & Self-Defense



Sunday, March 20, 11-12P



Outdoor location to be determined in Oakland Chinatown 



ALL AAPI Elders invited. Training partner of any age and background welcome to accompany and participate. 






  • No registration required, just show up on the day of the workshop 

  • Face mask required during workshop sessions

  • All elder participants will receive gifts

  • Before starting any exercise program, it is recommended that participant consult their physician. Participants agree that they are voluntarily participating in the training entirely at their own risk and assume all risks of injury, or illness. Participant agree to hold the creators of the training program and all instructors harmless. When participant attend the workshop they are assuming the risks associated with any and all activities and/or exercises in which they are participating. 

Class starts with light stretching, followed by instruction in a specific skill with technique practice with either a partner or solo. Each technique ends with partner or solo drills to build confidence and strengthen reflexes.

Elders learn how to dial up their awareness strategies and learn how to use verbal assertiveness and/or other personal protection devices, and tips on how to stay safe.


Elders learn how to use personal protection objects and devices, such as a cane, personal alarm and tackle flashlight to stay safe. 


Elders learn how to use their verbal assertiveness and/or safety protection devices to establish their personal space and what to do if the attacker crosses the boundary.


Elders learn how to move in all directions in a sturdy manner. 

Elders learn  how to establish a rock-solid base so that the attacker can not push or pull against their will.

Elders learn how to free themselves from wrist grabs, regardless of their attacker’s strength.

Elders learn how to break fall safely and stand up in a solid base from the ground or from sitting position.


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