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Intermediate Self-Defense Workshop Series

Free 8-Week
Intermediate Self-Defense 

Workshop Series

Saturdays, 10-11am PST



Tuff Love Self-Defense and Compassion In Oakland teamed up to offer a new program: 8-Week Intermediate Self-Defense Workshop Series at Four Elements Fitness gym.


So you’ve finished our Eight-Week Self-Defense Workshop series, and now you’re looking for the next step on your self-dense and empowerment journey. Our Intermediate Self-Defense Workshop Series is for you! This series is open to all students who have completed the Eight-Week Series with five or more sessions attended. Experienced martial arts practitioners may also be admitted with instructor permission; please email us at for inquiries.

The Intermediate Series allows you to review the basics while expanding your knowledge of more in-depth self-defense techniques! Lessons will build on the safety and awareness strategies and physical self-defense principles established in the introductory series, adding increased levels of detail and complexity as well as more advanced scenarios. We will delve into common attack situations such as being grabbed from the back, choked, punched, or pinned on the ground, and learn how to address different contingencies of each one and to group techniques together. These lessons will continue to emphasize principles of leverage, proper body mechanics, timing and energy efficiency to defend against a stronger assailant.

Each class starts with warm-up exercises, followed by instruction in a specific skill with technique practice with a partner. Perfect for those who have completed at least 5 classes of our 8-week self-defense workshop series and want to expand their self-defense training or those who have previous martial arts experience.



8-Week Intermediate Self-Defense Workshop Series


  • Saturday, August 24, 11:30-12:30pm

  • Saturday, August 31, 11:30-12:30pm

  • Saturday, September 7, 11:30-12:30pm

  • Saturday, September 14, 11:30-12:30pm

  • Saturday, September 21, 11:30-12:30pm

  • Saturday, September 28, 11:30-12:30pm

  • Saturday, October 5, 11:30-12:30pm

  • Saturday, October 12, 11:30-12:30pm


Four Elements Fitness

322 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

Oakland, 94612


People who completed at least 5 classes of our Eight-Week Self-Defense Workshop Series. Experienced martial arts practitioners may also be admitted with instructor permission; please email us at for inquiries. This workshop is open to qualified participants of all genders and ages 10+.


FREE, donation optional

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable workout clothing. Mask optional.

WAIVER: All participants must sign a waiver to participate.

CANCELATION: This training is first come, first serve, and has high enrollment demand with a limited number of registrations, we ask that if you are unable to attend please cancel your registration through Eventbrite at least a day before each class date. We will give your slot to the next person on the waiting list.

NOTES: Before starting any exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your physician. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in this on-line training entirely at your own risk and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death. You agree to hold the creators of this on-line training program and all instructors harmless. When you register for the class you are assuming the risks associated with any and all activities and/or exercises in which you are participating.

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